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Philosophy I - Who?

Santa means sacred or holy in Portuguese and Spanish, while Vie means life in French. SantaVie emerged from many months of soul searching, deep intention setting, self-inquiry, spiritually connecting practices, and an honoring of my Brazilian roots combined with my love of the romance languages. This word captures one of the most important guiding principles in my life: Life is Sacred. It guides how I make decisions and how I believe I need to approach others. My name is Corey Emerick, I am the owner of SantaVie, a licensed professional counselor (LPC-MHSP), a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), and a comprehensive DBT therapist.  Welcome to my site!

Philosophy II - What?

We certainly spend enough time navigating life trying to belong, to fit in, seeking acceptance, or working at being good enough. Somewhere along the way we lose ourselves. We become driven by urges, others' demands, controlling behaviors, vicious cycles, self-medicating, avoidant strategies, numbing out, busyness, among other conscious or unconscious tactics. My goal is to help you find yourself in the chaos, to help you reconnect with your true self, to learn how to let go of beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve you, and to start living a joyful and fulfilling life. 

Philosphy III - How?

You will be surprised at how far being seen, heard, and validated can go. Of course it helps to add tools, skills, education, non-judgment, and personal practices, to reconnect you with the 'you' that has been sidelined, for whatever reason. It is my job to understand you, to collaborate with you as we develop a road map to your goals, to let you know when you seem off course, to help you understand what got in the way, and to support you in getting back on track or changing directions. The timing is yours, the pacing is yours, the goals are yours...the how is more going it alone.

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Therapies Offered

Integrated Individual Therapy

Therapy guided by your needs. Your sessions will likely integrate some of the following: conversational therapy, education, problem-solving, skill development, self-discovery, insight expansion, accountability plans, and varying mindful or body centered practices. 


Yoga Therapy

Guided by the Phoenix Rising modality of Yoga Therapy, individual and group sessions are offered. Honoring one of the core values of yoga, union, sessions aim at supporting you in connecting to all aspects of your being: body, mind, emotions, and your inner wisdom or spiritual connection. No yoga experience or flexibility required.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT brings together principles of Zen Buddhism and Radical Behaviorism. It is a modality that teaches people to find balance between acceptance of their current situation and the need for change. Comprehensive DBT is comprised of individual DBT, a DBT skills group, coaching calls, and ongoing therapist participation in a DBT consultation team.

Upcoming Groups

Do you need support getting through the Holidays?

This group will provide support for those in the process of recovery from an eating disorder or disordered eating, as they navigate the holiday season. Participants will develop and practice skills, boundaries, and coping plans, to implement around holiday specific situations, triggers, and people.  Group begins on Tues November 7, 2017, from 6p - 7:30p.  Please email, call, or text, for more information.

Restore and replenish yoga therapy group for mental health clinicians.

This 6 week yoga therapy group also includes a silent retreat day.  We will take a restorative and healing inward dive, as we explore the following themes through physical, mental, and emotional practices: body connection, awareness, acceptance, choice/discernment, truth/truth-in-action, and flow.  Coming in January 2018, space is limited to 8 participants.  Please, email, call or text, for more information.

Are you a male struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating?

This group will incorporate education, process, skill building, problem-solving, and body-centered practices as a support to men struggling with eating disorders or disordered eating. Please know this is not a substitute for medical care or individual therapy.  Coming in January 2018, please email, call, or text, for more information.

Virtual DBT skills group for people with chronic pain.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills group, facilitated via a HIPAA secure online video conferencing site.  This group is for participants who struggle with chronic pain. It can often be very difficult to consistently keep plans or appointments, and yet, it can seem impossible to learn new skills without doing so.  Coming in January 2018, please email, call, or text, for more information. 

Virtual DBT skills group for those who cannot attend a weekly on-site group.

Need to participate in a DBT skills group but travel for work, can't leave the house, or have a hard time making it to an on-site weekly group? Are you motivated to learn the skills and attend a weekly online skills group?  Sounds like this group might be for you.  Group will be facilitated through a HIPAA secure online video conferencing site, starting in February 2018.

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Services provided under SantaVie or Corey Emerick, LPC-MHSP, C-IAYT, are not in network with any insurance companies. A superbill is offered upon request, should you want to submit it to your insurance provider (you must have out of network benefits for this to be helpful).

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